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School's in!!

Wouhhh school had started and I always feel damn tired after school. not dat i did anything serious but school IS tiring. I made new friends but not much tho. Believe it or not, it has been a week after the first day of school but i still haven't entered the school cafeteria yet. The place is sooo packed and it's damn fricking small. Even their assembly hall is waaaaaaaay smaller than my old school. Oh yeah, guess what? during recess, I don't have anybody to hang out with.

I'm a loner for the first time in my life! I have never been a loner, ever [OK, EXAGGERATION!]. This is serious! Although i did made new friends in school and class but they already have their own click and it's hard for me to fit in. Life is just different without my friends.

One great thing happened to me last week was, I elected myself to be the class monitor and the whole class voted for me. I am so used of being known and powerful so that is why I hate it when I'm in a new school where n…


Tomorrow is my first day of school as a form six student. It's just the same as taking A level but the difference is, those who will be taking STPM stays in school and wears school uniform.

I'm not all excited for tomorrow but I really hope that tomorrow will be exciting...


My Very First Post

An hour ago, I have no idea why but I decided to start blogging.

Everybody is doing it right now but i'm not doing this just for the sake to be IN.

I just want to know how does it feel like to be a blogger. Besides, I can always say whatever that crossed my mind or should I say type 'cuz if I say what crossed my mind, the words won't appear on the screen. #lame *rofl*

I know this blog seems lame but I don't think it's THAT bad for a new blogger. I don't actually know what to say 'cuz I have no idea who will be reading my blog.

Currently, I don't think anybody would even want to read my blog but I know someday, someone will read all of my blog posts.

As for the URL, I'm not really a sucker for waffles. I do like waffles but i'm not a fan. I'm more into cakes. Cheesecakes!! Love them so much. Currently it's 1:10 am and I'm still not sleepy yet. I wonder why.

I'm a girl who love to write. I write a lot. I always dream that one day…