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another stupid post!

so yeah!!

mid term exam was over last Friday...

How was it?

think imma do well ONLY for writing skills' exam!!

media & society/history of journalism/web tech...??
oh! I would satisfy with just borderline... :(
yupp! it was tough!!! THAT tough!!


what's past IS past!!


I had really drafted my sentences in my head just now!!!


now I forgot what I wanted to blog?

First Kiss

I'm sure I'll be kissing my pen and desk MOST of the time
while I was doing my very first mid-term exam as a University student!

I am not sure how will I do...

I know what to study but at the same time...
I don't know what to study...

I think I know everything...
but at certain point,
I think I didn't knew a single thing!



I don't wanna screw up!
I don't even know if my assignments any good...
if they could help my percentage...

Thought I had studied enough!

Clearly I was blur this whole time!

pray for me people!!

to be continued...

Raya Datang Lagi

Round satu Sunway Pyramid...

Round satu Subang Parade...

Round Taiping Central gak...

Maseh tiada kasut...

Last2 I jumpa Qatar Boy...

Of all the places in the world, Taiping Central...

whatever lah hahahahaha...


I have to hibernate from blogger for a while because my assignments are killing me!!

Next Week Task

1. Submit Miss Farah's assignment!

2. Meet Darren Teh!
(since he's a lecturer, I find it appropriate to call him Mr. Teh)

3. Miss Azdiyani's Assignment
(MUST finish it by now! Due d8 week 8)

4. Work On Mr Tee's Assignment!!
(Due date also week 8)

5. Work on Miss Farah's 2nd Assignment
(global group!!)