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November Blues

yeah! *rolling eyes*

what's new?

I'm always in the blue...

FINALLY, on the 9th of November, we finished the shooting of our FINAL NEWS PRODUCTION!

in case you guys are blur,

it's a REAL news production...
we have the footages of our ENG, news montage, commercials and an anchorwoman!
our newsanchor is HOT weh!!!

In a way, I did some of the editing of the ENGs...
credits to Nining and Rong as well...

whatever it is,
I was the director for the production...
technically, I was the leader of the team!
I can safely say, I DID NOT fail as a leader...
Nevertheless, there's A WHOLE LOT MORE ROOM for improvement!



guess what?
I found my primary school friend in campus!
Actually, he's my friend's brother but technically, we were friends as well
because the school wasn't THAT big and he's my brother's friend.
Besides, it's NOT like we were strangers back then!

he's leaving this week!