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Last Post of 2011

Yes, I survived year 2011.
I don't quite remember how it all started... Like how EXACTLY my days went for the year 2011.
Earlier this year,
I was in my semester 2. It was one of the best semester I've ever had!
We covered F1 event from pre-event to the race and to the after party!
who are we? Swarti Indah DiningrumBeenzu Munkombwe HaamapekoSakina Gulamali TakiClaire Lee Zhao RongboZhang ZiLiang SPECIAL THANKS TO NORAZREEN YAAKOB
without her, I would have never got those after party footages. RAIN WAS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!
She made one of my dreams came true,
to attend any of my fav Kpop artists' concert!
Not just that she made it happened,
she even got us the coolest spot ever!
I could see all the sweat dropping from rain's face!
yes, THAT kind of view!

Moving on...
Then I had a huge love life hapseries
fair share of happiness+miseries
it was in mid sem 2 I finally get over that China Boy…

The Apple of My Eye

OK, seriously,
watched the trailer!!!


not that I have moved on from my school stage that much anyway...

I mean what do you expect?
when all of my friends are in universities and colleges,
I was stuck in a new school doing form6! = =
not that it sucked!
just saying that, it hasn't been THAT long since I left school...

the trailer reminds me of my school days as a Fourian...
those were the days where I truly learn a lot about stuffs...


I miss the sudden spot checks!

I miss the dragging long assembly....

I miss the wobbly chairs and the graffiti-fied tables...

I miss playing hide-and-seek with the teachers every time I skipped classes...

I miss the stupid puberty times when I crushes almost ALL seniors when I first came into that school...!!!!

I miss the slangs and words I learnt in school...

I miss the times when i get my heart breaks and my fr…