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A: Why dwell in memories?
B: Because memories can't hurt you?
A: Says who? Memories are the easiest place to get hurt!
B: It's not always bad...
A: But you can't live there forever! You gotta come out sooner or later!

I think it depends on how you see it though...
Memories is your archive! You can't change a thing there...
You may choose to not think about it but you can never totally erases them!

In some cases,
People prefer to dwell in memories because they were happier in the past
rather than the present!

It's not healthy but if it could prevent them from killing themselves,
who are we to stop them from living in the past and forcing them to move on?
Some people have lost the will to live...
The only thing that kept them going through their daily routines is their memories.

For those who refuses to remember...
They have their own reasons!
They keep moving forward without even taking a glimpse of what's being left behind.
Again, society would say it's unhealt…

So so so sorry!

This blog is currently on a renovation!!
Certain links might be broken and certain images might be missing!!
I will get this matter sort out as soon as possible!

Thousand apologies,

Anarki Di Selangor!

recently bought, recently finished reading


there's nothing much to talk about about my mid sem break!
wrote about it and hopefully will be published tomorrow
in Wings Weekly of course...

The book cost RM 15.00 and was bought on April 7th, 2012.
It has been in store for quite some time already...
to cut short, I was late!
THANK GOD I went to Morning Rocket Distro
and the above picture is the last copy of the book!

my mission, is to get it signed by the author!
Last time I met the author was around 2009 if I'm not mistaken!
Bet he have already forgotten how I look like...
it doesn't matter!
what matters is...
the book MUST be signed


Reality Check



"I'll be there for you~~~"
still remember the theme song of the sitcom with the same name as my post?

out of 10 people,
only 1 truly care...
the rest are either HAPPY that you're miserable
or ENVIOUS of your happiness...

it's the tragic truth...
the harsh reality of life!

It's the fact that
and the rest of the world knows!

but why do I still wanted to spill?
why did I dialed up the number...
I dialed up the number only to find that it has been changed...
that person,
whom I listed as one of the important person in my life,
changed h** mobile number...

It's not about the number changing...
it's about how the number changed without me knowing...!

I was wrong...
I thought you cared...

even now I'm still blogging about this shit!
having an acc on PROVES how mega huge 'sharer' I am...

I must learn how to share-less!
I must learn how to care-less!
I must learn how to say-less!

If I did not have the humongous a…

Random Post


what a lovely song...
I guess by this time EVERYONE should know
how much I dig all this heart broken emo art..
be it in paintings, poetry, songs, books etc-
I'm sooooooooo in love with this song...

and it's kinda ringing in my ear,
stinging my brain haha...
It's time for ME to let all those things die...

REBORN is what I feel for 2012...
thank you Brian Joo for making me feel
like you've been watching me from somewhere and you come out with this album!

Why I Like

It's the place where I can find random facts
and it's a great place to be reminded on how great the past were...

Besides all the jokes,
I can relate to most posts... =P


there was a day...
I spent all day glued to YouTube
watching people's video blogs...
I'm usually not really an adventures person so I didn't really explore much!
I stick to vloggers I always watched.

on that day...
I was being an explorer on youtube
and searched for vloggers worldwide!

some are good, some are not bad and some are just


here are some pointers I would like to share...
just my opinion based on what I learn through
my observation while watching people's vlogs.

1) Camera Position
angle and composition are crucial!sometimes, people tend to forget that they move around when they talk.
Thus, their head, hand gestures and even things they wanted to show
were out of frame! = = 2) Lighting
it's true that sunlight makes your skin glow, girls...
BUT! too much sunlight in a white room makes your face invisible!
I don't like watching invisible face talking!I'm sure people love to wa…