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Why I Like

It's the place where I can find random facts
and it's a great place to be reminded on how great the past were...

Besides all the jokes,
I can relate to most posts... =P


there was a day...
I spent all day glued to YouTube
watching people's video blogs...
I'm usually not really an adventures person so I didn't really explore much!
I stick to vloggers I always watched.

on that day...
I was being an explorer on youtube
and searched for vloggers worldwide!

some are good, some are not bad and some are just


here are some pointers I would like to share...
just my opinion based on what I learn through
my observation while watching people's vlogs.

1) Camera Position
angle and composition are crucial!sometimes, people tend to forget that they move around when they talk.
Thus, their head, hand gestures and even things they wanted to show
were out of frame! = = 2) Lighting
it's true that sunlight makes your skin glow, girls...
BUT! too much sunlight in a white room makes your face invisible!
I don't like watching invisible face talking!I'm sure people love to wa…