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A: Why dwell in memories?
B: Because memories can't hurt you?
A: Says who? Memories are the easiest place to get hurt!
B: It's not always bad...
A: But you can't live there forever! You gotta come out sooner or later!

I think it depends on how you see it though...
Memories is your archive! You can't change a thing there...
You may choose to not think about it but you can never totally erases them!

In some cases,
People prefer to dwell in memories because they were happier in the past
rather than the present!

It's not healthy but if it could prevent them from killing themselves,
who are we to stop them from living in the past and forcing them to move on?
Some people have lost the will to live...
The only thing that kept them going through their daily routines is their memories.

For those who refuses to remember...
They have their own reasons!
They keep moving forward without even taking a glimpse of what's being left behind.
Again, society would say it's unhealt…

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