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Bittersweet of a Melody

The reason why people could relate to certain things is due to the fact that it made them feel comfortable. Those things made them feel accepted, normal and it became the support in proving their feelings and thoughts were not so unusual.

One of the most common things people could relate to is music. Music is one of the best medium for people to express the unspoken words. Things they wish they could easily convey. Besides, music has always been the channel for people to breakaway from reality even just for two minutes. Apart from the sound of the melody, rhythm of the beat and the voice of the singer, the lyrics itself are telling the story of their lives and often reminding them on the lives that could have happened.

Like photographs, songs are often kept as an emotional memento as it could vividly describe the situation and express the actual emotions at that particular situation. Thus, the existence of  the term 'favourite song'.
If some people are kind enough to tell you…


Little things in life that makes you smile are blessings from the above.
I always take things for granted until fate came and smacked me on my face recently.

Went on a short getaway on an island recently. Initially it wasn't even meant for a vacation-like trip. It was a business trip but somehow, it turns out to be the greatest getaway I have ever had for a long time. In fact, I can confidently say, the best in this year.

White sand, private beach, awesome food and of course, my loved ones were with me the whole time. It was three days and two nights stay at the resort and what we did was swimming and swimming and swimming whenever we had the time.

Put my smartphones aside almost all the time. I only charged them both on the night before the trip and the night before checking out of the hotel. Text messages were replied a bit later than usual while some miscalls are yet to be returned.

I packed lightly. I didn't even pack blouses, shirts or whatsoever. All I had was Ramones, H…

That Person

It does not matter how old were you when you fall in love. Was it true? Was it real? Your answer may be different in the future.  However, at that moment, at that exact period of time when your heart made you fell in love, you knew it was real and true. You felt it.
You knew you can never be together forever. You realised the distance would make things harder. You were aware with the fact that none of you really knew each other well but did it matter? At that point of time, you were certain that you could work it out. You failed to see how fragile you would be. You overlook.
Friends called you both ridiculous for trying too hard to keep things going. You acted cool but deep inside, you were glad that even the friends acknowledge that person's sincerity in the relationship. Their teasing is your motivation. They became your source of encouragement to go on.
One day, the wind blew from the south and the sky turns grey. Naively you thought an umbrella could save the day. Conversatio…

Broken Friendship


Why Men Get Migraines and Women Get Heartbreaks

First of all, I'm not siding any gender.
This is just my personal findings on human interaction in the context of gender communication based on my personal 10 years* of observation.

Ladies, you have to admit it!
You would always say then men never understand women by expecting them to read women's mind!

Men, you have to admit that when you talk to a woman, you'll tend to get migraine attack! Reasoning with a woman could drive you nuts!

However, as much as people hate each other, they cannot live without one another. Hence, the birth of toleration and understanding. The lifestyle of give and take in relationships exist.

Men, as everybody knows are the dominant creature. In the past, they were the hunters, protectors, the food provider, the warriors, the rulers etc. It is written in the history that men are the leaders.

Women on the other hand are portrayed as the elegant and graceful creatures even though some women made it in the history as warriors and kingdom rulers. It is not …


Group work, where friends became foes! However, grades are important as well!! If we didn't care about grades and did nothing, we would have to repeat the freakin' semester!

I don't always love group projects because it'll end up with only a few of group members who'd actually work together to get the job done and it's usually the same people who had to carry the extra burden.
Sometimes, you just can't help but to work with those douche bags because you had to have them in your group in order to have the required group members of the project assigned.
However, instead of being angry, just do the extra work with the reliable ones because sooner or later, you'll realise that group work is so much more than to be angry and pissed off all the time. Your grade is on the line so what the hell, just get it done! haha  
It is through group projects like these you would find who your real friends are. Once you have found the reliable classmates who could work wi…


As time flies, you would always questioned yourself on certain things as you walk down the junk storage of your memories, sorting out which ones were actually worth keeping and which ones should be deleted.

Although memories can't just be deleted, you could at least stop thinking about them resulting in your brain failing to remember those moments.

You sorted out the files...

Hid some at the very back of our mind...

But there is this one particular case file which you knew should never be proceeded but you'd still hold on to it. Yes, the unrequited love file. You know it's over but you just wouldn't let go and so you'll end up creating reasons only to convince yourself on why the case file is still relevant in your life!

People won't necessarily understand why and most would keep on trying to get into your head telling you to move on but the file is still there, never moved nor tried to be removed.

After some time getting used to loving or caring for a special …

Final Year

Final semester!
today is the first day of my mid-semester break!
to be continued

Saturday Riot


It has been a while since I update this site!
Don't get me wrong, it's not like I update my Facebook and Twitter frequently as well...
I'm sort of disconnected to the social media for a while.
No time!!!!!! Being a final semester student in the final year is crazy.
Apart from the never ending individual assignments, a lot of group work needs to be done!
When it's a group work, the stress level is over 9000!!!!

Anyways, on the 20th of April...
I had the most amazing time ever for the final semester!
Monophone 2013 was held and despite the event being a "meh",
which I didn't really mind because the reason I was there was to watch STONEBAY!

If you've been reading this blog for quite some time, you might remember STONEBAY
from the post back in 2009. Anyways, alongside STONEBAY was KYOTO PROTOCOL!!!

A week before the event, I went crazy looking for STONEBAY's first EP which was only signed by Ashroff and Ojie back in 2009 but somehow, I couldn&#…


Kita boleh percaya apa yang kita ingin percaya. Kita boleh rasa apa yang ingin kita rasa. Kita boleh suka apa yang ingin kita suka. Kita boleh benci apa yang ingin kita benci.
Kenapa kita ingin percaya? Kenapa kita ingin rasa? Kenapa kita ingin suka? Kenapa kita ingin benci?
Siapa yang kita percaya? Siapa yang kita terasa? Siapa yang kita suka? Siapa yang kita benci?
Kita justifikasikan kebenaran. Kita justifikasikan harapan. Kita justifikasikan kemenangan. Kita justifikasikan perhubungan.
Apa itu kebenaran? Apa itu pengharapan? Apa itu kemenangan? Apa itu perhubungan?
Kita percaya apa yang kita suka dan merasa apa yang kita benci? Kita gigih mencari kebenaran sehingga sanggup memalsukan harapan? Kita pentingkan kemenangan sehingga merosakkan perhubungan? Demi apa semua ini...?


Apabila aku diberi peluang untuk memegang sesuatu posisi,
ia bermakna aku diberi amanat untuk membantu meringankan beban ramai pihak.

Akan tetapi, sekiranya aku hanya menambahkan beban kepada orang,
apakah makna posisi aku itu?

Aku gagal melaksanakan tanggungjawab aku dengan sempurna.

Aku akur dengan takdir! Ya, aku tidak sehebat mahupun sekuat yang disangka!
Mungkin ada yang menyesal menyerahkan amanat mereka kepada aku.
Aku faham... Aku tak minta semua ini.

Mungkin ada yang mengata aku dari belakang.
Tak apa, teruskan lah perbuatan kamu itu.
Malaysia sebuah negara demokrasi, kamu berhak bersuara.

Mungkin ada yang tidak berpuas hati dengan mutu kerja aku.
Aku rela serahkan semuanya kepada kamu
andai kamu mampu lakukan tugasan-tugasan
aku dengan baik tanpa ada satu cela pun yang terlihat.

Aku tak sempurna, itu fakta!
Namun aku sanggup mengakui kesalahan malahan sedia menghadapi akibat yang
bakal aku tempuhi gara-gara kesilapan yang telah aku lakukan.
Aku rela bertanggung jawab.
Aku re…


At first, things seemed smooth...
All of a sudden, a tidal wave hit!
To start over, it was rough...
It was as though I was pulled into a sweet valley and then, BAM!
The chandelier which I thought was steadily hooked on the ceiling crashed on the floor.

A hand helped swept the glasses away and gave me a new chandelier set.
I thought it would lit up the room but the chandelier was all broken on the inside that I had to fix it up every single day. Instead of helping me, the hand actually brings me down and kills the energy inside of me slowly. I knew I could never survive in this new environment. I needed guidance, not tensions.

Frustrated and tired, I fixed it for the very last time and I gave the set back to the hand.
Roaming around in the dark. All of a sudden, a soul opened up to me bringing a light bulb. On the other corner, an old chandelier suddenly appears. I was afraid but I had no choice, I needed light so I went to the wandering soul and asked for it's light bulb but at th…

Rainbow Drops

It's been a while since I ate Skittles...
Last few days, I went to Jusco and I found this cute little candy machine!
I checked the box, FINALLY... it's certified Halal by JAKIM!
I've stopped eating a lot of candy/sweets/gums because of its halal status.
I took a photo of the box but accidentally deleted it.

From now on, I'm gonna buy all these Skittles and pour them in this little thingy... All I gotta do is twist the knob and a handful of rainbow drops will come out from the hole... Silly? Childish? *laughs*


I'm tired...
I want to let go...


Her heart calls out his name, but he didn't hear it,
She gave him her love, but he didn't know it;
She serenade her soul to him, but he didn't feel it,
He never understood, he was too blind...

Like a scarecrow, She's still waiting,
Like a fool, she continuously hoping...

Her heart aches just by looking at him,
Her heart cries just by thinking of him; But She'd rather be in pain than having to see him leave, She'd rather see his smile than holding onto those memories...
She's lost in finding her way out, Heart keep sending her back to him every time; She don't know how to let go, Her heart longs for him all the time...

As long as he's near, she will be alright, Even if they're not together, she will be alright; Because she loved him too much, The pain will somehow make her feel alright.


Ever wondered what it's like to live inside of a mirror?

I have this crazy little idea of making a story about a haunted mirror! Yes, this mirror have a soul and it's dying to get out! All it needs is time. That one perfect moment when it can crossover to the outside world. Not sure whether I want to make this soul an evil one or a good one though. All I have in mind right now is how this soul is bored with its life in a mirror as its not as adventures as humans from what it sees through the mirror...

Long holidays shall help me get at least a decent synopsis done I hope...

On the other note,
Please please please pray that I'll publish, Love Letters before I turn 30!
It'll be awesome to have at least ONE of my stories published!!!
Every time when I'm starting to write a new story, I'll think about Love Letters...
Must publish it... one day! :)


True not everybody had the chance to say, 'I grew up!'
Time flies real fast! One does not necessarily grow UP but everybody grow old.

What happened to that girl who wanted to be like Tengku Elida Bustaman? That 8 year old girl who used to hold the cake mixer's attachment in front of the mirror reporting whatever news she saw on tv. Yeah, what happened?

She dropped her dream and she went all crazy wanting to work in a morgue operating dead bodies! DAFUQ?? Then came the idea to pursue law. She somehow loves writing so she decided to be a writer but along the way, she changed her mind and she wanted to be a journalist, dreaming of working in a fashion magazine although her fashion sense is urmmmmm so-so! After that, came the idea of wanting to travel around the world searching for relics and study about ancient empires. Excavating the Earth and proving myths had actually took place in the past. People were stunned when she say the word "Anthropology". 



Memang blog aku ni tempat aku moroyan pon kan... Alang-alang topic dah memang pasal 'rant' tak perlulah aku nak berselindung bagai.
Ye, memang marah! Marah sebab tak sempat nak print screen tweet seseorang yang merupakan inspirasi untuk post kali ini. Bengang betul! Frust woahhhh!!
Ok, tweet dia berbunyi (lebih kurang ah) Gadis: Bodoh gila amek culinary arts? wehhh kalau stakat nak blajar potong bawang kejadahnya ko rayu mintak science stream dulu? sah fail SPM!Tak berapa lama lepas tu, gadis yang sama pergi tweet
Gadis: if only my boyfriend can cook like Jamie Oliver... His wife is so goddamn lucky!--------------------------------------
Mungkin tweet pertama tu, dia tujukan dekat kawan lama dia yang mungkin pernah berlagak ke or pernah ade issue dengan dia dulu. Jadi, dia pon caci lah manusia itu.
TETAPI, apabila membaca tweet selepas cacian terhadap pelajar jurusan seni kulinari itu, jadi macam lawak pon ade. Dah ko tak pandang budak-budak jurusan seni kulinary, memang tak ah nak d…

Bahana Twitter

Untuk post kali ni, malas nak translate tweet sebab banyak sangat!

Ok, Ceritanya lebih kurang begini,
Tak lama dahulu, Nazmi Faiz pernah tweet mengeji ex dia, Tengku Fiella ni.
However, dia padam semua tweet-tweet itu dengan alasan, kene hacked. Mungkin benar kene hacked kot but dalam tweet dulu, dia pernah kaitkan ex dia dengan Johan As'ari. Kecoh lah sebentar dunia gossip but tak begitu gamat.
This time around, sudah lah dia keji ex dia lagi, dia kaitkan LAGI ex dia dengan lelaki ternama Malaysia. Kali ni, dengan Aidil Zafuan. Kes Aidil dengan Rita belum selesai, now timbul pulak kes macam ni.
Untuk pengetahuan umum, Nazmi ni player Harimau Muda yang kini bermain dengan kelab Portugal.
Ye, dia di Portugal sekarang so, tak rasa lah krew2 Melodi nak fly ke sane semata-mata tweetjacked punya kes ni kan!

Ni pulak, sesi temubual dengan gadis yang dimaksudkan oleh Nazmi Faiz. (RTKY) : Kenyataan Nazmi Faiz pagi tadi di Twitter …
Tengku Fiella (TF): Saya tidak pernah kena…

Social Media

This is what happens when the editor DID not proof read articles thoroughly!
As a journalist, graphic designers, writer, etc- we tend to make mistakes but chief editor must have a pair of VERY sharp eyes to notice all the mistakes done by the team.
Usually, things will be printed and re-check before it'll be approved for final printing and distribution! Clearly, one tiny red dot was overlooked and it'll be a huge mess!
Story was about Malaysian Celebrities, Zain Saidin and Rozita Che Wan love relationship! Ok, the article was actually about ZAIN confirming the love gossip between him and the lovely actress that has been speculated for months. HOWEVER, the name quoted in the red bubble was not Zain's name. IN FACT, it's the name of Malaysia's current prime minister, Dato' Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak.

The photo above went viral on various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even on blogs.
Meanwhile, Najib had just got back from his Dav…

70th Golden Globe Awards

It's not too late for me to congratulate the winners of the 2013, 70th Golden Globe Awards eh!
Anyways, here are some of the red Carpet photos posted on The New York Times.
This post is not about the winners or the nominees. Just sharing what I feel about the dresses :)
This group, it's all about the cleavage. 2 blingy while  2 plain black dresses. Between the two sprakling dresses, I like Micheal Cinco's on Vergara better than Reem Acra's on Paulson. Paulson looks like she's wearing shredded cloth on the bottom and her lack of curve made the dress looks too boring. Vergara on the other hand overall looked sexier and more hyped up than Paulson. I love Paulson's red nails though!

Rami Al Ali Couture and Pucci grabbed my eyes real strong! Both are see through dresses and both are sexy in a classy way. Pronovias's dress looks a little mumsy while Jenny Packham's looks too plain and dull even though it's shiny

Well, looking at the lovely ladies above, Pann…