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Rainbow Drops

It's been a while since I ate Skittles...
Last few days, I went to Jusco and I found this cute little candy machine!
I checked the box, FINALLY... it's certified Halal by JAKIM!
I've stopped eating a lot of candy/sweets/gums because of its halal status.
I took a photo of the box but accidentally deleted it.

From now on, I'm gonna buy all these Skittles and pour them in this little thingy... All I gotta do is twist the knob and a handful of rainbow drops will come out from the hole... Silly? Childish? *laughs*


I'm tired...
I want to let go...


Her heart calls out his name, but he didn't hear it,
She gave him her love, but he didn't know it;
She serenade her soul to him, but he didn't feel it,
He never understood, he was too blind...

Like a scarecrow, She's still waiting,
Like a fool, she continuously hoping...

Her heart aches just by looking at him,
Her heart cries just by thinking of him; But She'd rather be in pain than having to see him leave, She'd rather see his smile than holding onto those memories...
She's lost in finding her way out, Heart keep sending her back to him every time; She don't know how to let go, Her heart longs for him all the time...

As long as he's near, she will be alright, Even if they're not together, she will be alright; Because she loved him too much, The pain will somehow make her feel alright.


Ever wondered what it's like to live inside of a mirror?

I have this crazy little idea of making a story about a haunted mirror! Yes, this mirror have a soul and it's dying to get out! All it needs is time. That one perfect moment when it can crossover to the outside world. Not sure whether I want to make this soul an evil one or a good one though. All I have in mind right now is how this soul is bored with its life in a mirror as its not as adventures as humans from what it sees through the mirror...

Long holidays shall help me get at least a decent synopsis done I hope...

On the other note,
Please please please pray that I'll publish, Love Letters before I turn 30!
It'll be awesome to have at least ONE of my stories published!!!
Every time when I'm starting to write a new story, I'll think about Love Letters...
Must publish it... one day! :)


True not everybody had the chance to say, 'I grew up!'
Time flies real fast! One does not necessarily grow UP but everybody grow old.

What happened to that girl who wanted to be like Tengku Elida Bustaman? That 8 year old girl who used to hold the cake mixer's attachment in front of the mirror reporting whatever news she saw on tv. Yeah, what happened?

She dropped her dream and she went all crazy wanting to work in a morgue operating dead bodies! DAFUQ?? Then came the idea to pursue law. She somehow loves writing so she decided to be a writer but along the way, she changed her mind and she wanted to be a journalist, dreaming of working in a fashion magazine although her fashion sense is urmmmmm so-so! After that, came the idea of wanting to travel around the world searching for relics and study about ancient empires. Excavating the Earth and proving myths had actually took place in the past. People were stunned when she say the word "Anthropology".