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At first, things seemed smooth...
All of a sudden, a tidal wave hit!
To start over, it was rough...
It was as though I was pulled into a sweet valley and then, BAM!
The chandelier which I thought was steadily hooked on the ceiling crashed on the floor.

A hand helped swept the glasses away and gave me a new chandelier set.
I thought it would lit up the room but the chandelier was all broken on the inside that I had to fix it up every single day. Instead of helping me, the hand actually brings me down and kills the energy inside of me slowly. I knew I could never survive in this new environment. I needed guidance, not tensions.

Frustrated and tired, I fixed it for the very last time and I gave the set back to the hand.
Roaming around in the dark. All of a sudden, a soul opened up to me bringing a light bulb. On the other corner, an old chandelier suddenly appears. I was afraid but I had no choice, I needed light so I went to the wandering soul and asked for it's light bulb but at th…