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Why Men Get Migraines and Women Get Heartbreaks

First of all, I'm not siding any gender.
This is just my personal findings on human interaction in the context of gender communication based on my personal 10 years* of observation.

Ladies, you have to admit it!
You would always say then men never understand women by expecting them to read women's mind!

Men, you have to admit that when you talk to a woman, you'll tend to get migraine attack! Reasoning with a woman could drive you nuts!

However, as much as people hate each other, they cannot live without one another. Hence, the birth of toleration and understanding. The lifestyle of give and take in relationships exist.

Men, as everybody knows are the dominant creature. In the past, they were the hunters, protectors, the food provider, the warriors, the rulers etc. It is written in the history that men are the leaders.

Women on the other hand are portrayed as the elegant and graceful creatures even though some women made it in the history as warriors and kingdom rulers. It is not …


Group work, where friends became foes! However, grades are important as well!! If we didn't care about grades and did nothing, we would have to repeat the freakin' semester!

I don't always love group projects because it'll end up with only a few of group members who'd actually work together to get the job done and it's usually the same people who had to carry the extra burden.
Sometimes, you just can't help but to work with those douche bags because you had to have them in your group in order to have the required group members of the project assigned.
However, instead of being angry, just do the extra work with the reliable ones because sooner or later, you'll realise that group work is so much more than to be angry and pissed off all the time. Your grade is on the line so what the hell, just get it done! haha  
It is through group projects like these you would find who your real friends are. Once you have found the reliable classmates who could work wi…


As time flies, you would always questioned yourself on certain things as you walk down the junk storage of your memories, sorting out which ones were actually worth keeping and which ones should be deleted.

Although memories can't just be deleted, you could at least stop thinking about them resulting in your brain failing to remember those moments.

You sorted out the files...

Hid some at the very back of our mind...

But there is this one particular case file which you knew should never be proceeded but you'd still hold on to it. Yes, the unrequited love file. You know it's over but you just wouldn't let go and so you'll end up creating reasons only to convince yourself on why the case file is still relevant in your life!

People won't necessarily understand why and most would keep on trying to get into your head telling you to move on but the file is still there, never moved nor tried to be removed.

After some time getting used to loving or caring for a special …