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That Person

It does not matter how old were you when you fall in love. Was it true? Was it real? Your answer may be different in the future.  However, at that moment, at that exact period of time when your heart made you fell in love, you knew it was real and true. You felt it.
You knew you can never be together forever. You realised the distance would make things harder. You were aware with the fact that none of you really knew each other well but did it matter? At that point of time, you were certain that you could work it out. You failed to see how fragile you would be. You overlook.
Friends called you both ridiculous for trying too hard to keep things going. You acted cool but deep inside, you were glad that even the friends acknowledge that person's sincerity in the relationship. Their teasing is your motivation. They became your source of encouragement to go on.
One day, the wind blew from the south and the sky turns grey. Naively you thought an umbrella could save the day. Conversatio…