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Bittersweet of a Melody

The reason why people could relate to certain things is due to the fact that it made them feel comfortable. Those things made them feel accepted, normal and it became the support in proving their feelings and thoughts were not so unusual.

One of the most common things people could relate to is music. Music is one of the best medium for people to express the unspoken words. Things they wish they could easily convey. Besides, music has always been the channel for people to breakaway from reality even just for two minutes. Apart from the sound of the melody, rhythm of the beat and the voice of the singer, the lyrics itself are telling the story of their lives and often reminding them on the lives that could have happened.

Like photographs, songs are often kept as an emotional memento as it could vividly describe the situation and express the actual emotions at that particular situation. Thus, the existence of  the term 'favourite song'.
If some people are kind enough to tell you…


Little things in life that makes you smile are blessings from the above.
I always take things for granted until fate came and smacked me on my face recently.

Went on a short getaway on an island recently. Initially it wasn't even meant for a vacation-like trip. It was a business trip but somehow, it turns out to be the greatest getaway I have ever had for a long time. In fact, I can confidently say, the best in this year.

White sand, private beach, awesome food and of course, my loved ones were with me the whole time. It was three days and two nights stay at the resort and what we did was swimming and swimming and swimming whenever we had the time.

Put my smartphones aside almost all the time. I only charged them both on the night before the trip and the night before checking out of the hotel. Text messages were replied a bit later than usual while some miscalls are yet to be returned.

I packed lightly. I didn't even pack blouses, shirts or whatsoever. All I had was Ramones, H…