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I stare blankly at the sky whispering to the stars, "Just once..."
Again tonight, my heart cries. Even when the wind blows you farther away. Even when the darkness hides you from me. I am always watching over you.
I miss you so much that it hurts. I can't breath but I'll be fine. I can't smile but I'll survive. I can't forget but I'll be okay
I loved you too much to know that I'll be alright. If I don't love you, what else can I do? To make you smile is all I think about. To hold you tight when you're in doubt.
Beyond your eyes, Behind your sweet smile, There's someone who's clueless on how I feel. That person is too blind to see.
Behind my smiles, Beyond my eyes, There's someone who is deeply in love with you. Silently.
Again today, my heart cries. Even when the wind drifts you farther away. Even when the rain washed you away from me. I will always be there by your side.
I look up and whisper to the sun-rising sky, "Even…