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Hi, adulthood...

I never thought you would be so complicated.

When I was a kid, I've always thought that I would be rich and happily married at the age 25.


It's 2015 and there's 7 months left until I officially turns 25.

NOPE! Not rich as I imagined and am still single. *sigh*

I wonder who created this crazy idea that 25 is the ripe age for girls to settle down.
Perhaps this culture was relevant in the 70's but how can it still be relevant now?
I just started my career last year, how rich could I be? Plus the last time I had a boyfriend was at 16. It's 9 years ago.

Anyhow... I'm not complaining about being an adult.
I was just having some half-mid life crisis in the previous paragraph.

Sometimes I wonder, where did all the time went?
I can't remember if it was well spent.
All I can see is massive gap between me and my loved ones.

I must say that my life revolves around workplace and family.
that's it! I don't hangout with my budd…


Hi, I'm fine...

Just when I was about to write thing long overdue post, something came up!
Yes, I gotta go...

BUT trust me, I'll be back tomorrow with a very long cliché new year post!!

For the time being, let us figure out why is the "Waitress" still single...