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After years of not going to the cinema (work related movie screenings, NOT counted), finally went out with my colleagues to catch 'The Wedding Ringer' and 'The Couple'. Yes, two movies back to back!

Was it fun? Double thumbs up for TWR but TC was a huge disappointment as a huge Thai horror movie fan. Anyways... This post is not about movie reviews. It is just a random thought that I had while watching TWR.

There was this one scene where the bride honestly tell the groom's best man that the real reason why she married him was because she have had enough of dating losers and apart from the fact that the groom is a family-material kind of guy, he is also financially stable. Hence, she is marrying him because he could support her high-maintenance lifestyle.

Rationally, everybody (yes including me) in the cinema was like, "what a b***h!!". However, come to think of it, if we dig deep in the deepest darkest corner of our heart, are we any better than her? When …


Hello February...

Was supposed to write a long overdue new year post last month but was caught up with work and stuffs.

So here it begins...
As you may have always known, things were NEVER really smooth for me.
There is always something that's bugging me or stopping me from being where I want to be.

Nevertheless, as slow and rough as it may seemed, I am finally in a production team! Yearp... quit my job and started a new career late last year. Was it a hasty decision? Come to think of it, there is no such thing as "hasty" decision when your heart knows what it wants.

A lot of people questioned my decision but once they see that I am happier doing what I do now, they understood.

True, leaving behind a permanent position to be a freelancer working on contract basis without an assurance of the future is a pretty risky move. Yet, I believe at that exact moment of my life, its the right thing to do. I just knew it. As miss Gomez always say, "the heart wants what it wants…