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Every year, I vow to blog more and every year I hardly blog anymore.
Could it be because I don't have much time as I used to or I just don't have any content to blog about?

Oh well, there are a lot of things I wanna share with the world but the moment I open this space, I just don't know where to start.

Hence why this site kinda look sappy...

Anyways... I just wonder... what if today is our very last day?
Have we given our all or did we die in vain?

Regrets... As much as I want to believe in Jennifer Aniston's quote that goes,
"there are no regrets in life, just lessons", I somehow do have regrets...

It may seemed small to the others but if I were to be given a chance to travel back in time to fix some chapters of my life thus far, I would. Even though it might alter my future.

Pungguk Rindukan Bulan

Suria timbul, purnama menghilang, Sayap setia masih tak terbang, Biar saja ia terduduk di situ, Mana mungkin dipaksa andai ia tak mahu, Ia tak 'kan bakal jatuh ke riba, Dia tak 'kan mampu diam selamanya, Ceritera lagenda nan tragis pengakhirannya.


Langit ku lihat pudar, Riuh jiwa kini sunyi, Dingin menular, aku sepi Waktu seakan mati...
Terus aku menari, Ligat aku berlari, Kuat aku menyanyi sekuat hati, Masih tiada erti...
Ingin ku sapa entah di mana, Ingin ku mula entah bagaimana, Lalu aku merindu dan terus fikirkan kamu, Hanya itu yang aku termampu...
Waktu tak pernah mati, Jiwa tak mungkin sunyi, Rindu tak akan ada erti, Bila mata dibutakan hati...
Derai luluh terus mencurah, Pedih luka terus berbisa, Penat, jasadku rebah, Adakah ini gelora?
Menanti aku di tengah jalan, Tegak terus aku kaku, Biarkan ia layu di situ kerana rindu itu seksa bagiku...
Luka lama ditoreh lagi, Terbang jauh khayalan aku, Dibawa angin, dikutip rindu, Masihkah adanya aku?
Atas nama bimbang, ku kucup sang bayu, Desir angin membalut hati, Mungkinkah bintang akan bersinar lagi? Apa yang pasti, hilangnya bulan digantinya matahari.

When There is No Tomorrow

It's strange how things can drastically change in a blink of an eye.
As people are still celebrating the new Gregorian year, uploading #throwback pictures on their SNS, a sudden flashback was inevitable.
Friendships were made, relationships were broken, friends became strangers, strangers became buddies and lots of unspoken words kept too long waiting for the right moment to be expressed. Sadly, that much awaited "right moment" is never going to come.
I had my chances but I took time for granted.
I didn't realise how huge was the gap I've created between me and my loved ones in the name of "chasing dreams".
Distance exist because efforts are missing. I had time on my side but I made no effort to visit Miss Dewigah even though I am fully aware of her health condition. I felt like I wasn't successful enough to meet her so I decided to postponed my visit. I decided to only meet her when I have something huge to show her. On November, 16th, 2014 she fel…