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No matter how you foresee things, no matter how you kinda expecting an end to eventually happened, you'll be caught off-guard once it actually took place.

A sudden goodbye ain't always neat.
Although you know that separation is inevitable, no words can describe the "lost"-ness you feel that grips tightly onto your emotion when it occurs.

You began questioning your every decisions and all the choices you've made.

Wondering if you could ever love again and most of the time, wondering why did you even fall in love in the beginning?

There are times when what puzzles you the most is why do you keep going back to the things that hurts you in the first place?

Often in relationships, even with different partners... people tend to date similar type of person whilst consciously knowing why things will somehow or rather crumbles (based on past experiences).

So why do people go back to the situation that breaks them down? Most of the time it's due to their emotional cond…

It's All About Sex

Was supposed to fall asleep hours ago but then my brain started to play this "let me play you some old skool hip hop songs and let you discover what you've been singing all this time!" game.

Okay... Not so old skool and not all hip hop...
But then while I was trying to recall the lyrics, only then I realised I was singing about sex all those time!

Not that I didn't understand English back then but mostly because I have no idea on those sexual lingo at that time. I was so into Ja Rule, Nelly, Baby Bash, Daddy Yankee, Sean Paul and the list goes on and on and on...

Still into their old songs though.

As much as I always try to figure out the meaning of Mando Pop songs...
I should do more research on English songs as well!

Even Spice Girls sang about sex (go google 2 become 1) and it's no wonder why my dad refused to buy their album for me!
Even if he explained back then, I wouldn't have understood anyway haha

When people said my generation's music was trash.…

Would It Be?


How fair it is to judge someone based on what they portrayed themselves, online?

Would it be okay to assume their online character is their true colours?
I mean, wouldn't it be easier to let yourself be the real you, online instead of offline?

Right now, if you don't know me personally...
It's only fair that you assume I'm that weird lonely Asian girl who still blogs in the year 2015.
This site is NOT my diary but it kinda seems like you're reading a journal of an immature girl eh?

Ok... point taken!


Online vs offline... Is it fair?