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In Time


Another typical hectic working day.
No... I'm not complaining about my work though.
I love my job! I sincerely do love what I have right now.

As I was driving back home from work, Landon Pigg's Can't Let Go (acoustic version) is blasting on my speakers.
I hit the repeat button, mindlessly.

It suddenly hit me hard.

I may have faced the cold harsh truth of reality that things were impossible to happen but deep down inside, in the darkest corner of my heart... the aching is still there.
A small wound that never really healed.

They say you could never fully get over your first love.
This puzzles me.
It makes me wonder if this is my very first time to actually 'fall in love'?
I have never honestly feel this aching before.

I just find it ridiculous to feel this way.
It's just absurd but I can never shake it off my chest.

It hurts...

The pain is too sharp that it pierced my emotional armour effortlessly making my throat dry from the inconsistency …