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Almost yours.

As much as a private person I am, I have finally found my soulmate whom I now share all of my deepest darkest secrets with. No worries, he loves me back. *phewww*

Anyways, it's been almost 6 months officially together and although he did told me he foresee a as his wife, he never truly proposed. Growing up, I am deeply heavily influenced by the Hollywood dramatic proposal whereby the guy would bend on his knee and would popped the overhyped line, "will you marry me?" with a diamond ring on his hand which the girl would then dramatically replies, "yes!" with tears in her eyes and they kissed while the cameraman goes around the couple for that dramatic shot!

*krikkk.krikkk* NO! That's not what happened in real life or at least not with mine. I am an Asian. We live by traditions and cultures which are very family oriented. When a guy wants to marry the girl of his life, he must send his family to meet the girls' family and discuss about their marriage. Yes…


I guess it's true...

You never really knew how it feels like until you get to experience it yourself!

There I was, broken, shattered (or I thought so)...
Helplessly incapable to love anyone else anymore (or so I assumed)...
Falls back in love with the remaining bits of my broken heart...
It wasn't perfect but somehow, it's beating again, to your heartbeat.

All the signs, whether from up above or down below shows that you're the one...
Please, please, pleaaaaase forever be mine!
Again and again I will never get tired of saying I love you too,
'cause even now, I am officially missing you...

Random Silly Things

"Apa erti kehidupan?", adik aku tanya tiba-tiba memecah kesunyian malam.

Aku bukanlah cuba sangat nak deep tapi, somehow aku rasa macam pada ketika itu... inilah jawapan yang terbaik.

"Hidup ni memang sebenarnya pasal makan, berak, kencing, tidur and repeat semua tu hanya untuk dikecewakan!".

Masing-masing saling berpandangan dan terdiam sejenak.

Krikk.. Krikk...

Finally adik aku ketawa sambil menepuk dahi, "kakak dah kenape?" dia tanya.

Aku seperti biasa, senyum selamba walaupun entah mengapa aku sedikit sebanyak terkesan dengan kata-kata aku sendiri.

Orang kata, mimpi itu mainan syaitan tapi kalau kita tengah lalui a very bad day and kita berharap sangat ianya hanya sebuah mimpi buruk, syaitan ade main peranan tak dalam hal ni? Aku syak ada! Orang yang buat hari kita seumpama mimpi buruk tu lah setan sebenarnya HAHAHAHAHAHA~

If Not At Twenty-Five?

So recently I had a chat with a bunch kids while lining up outside the ladies room.
Okay I lied. I wasn't talking to them. I was totally eavesdropping their toilet conversation. Not my fault though! The line was long and people were slow, (seriously as if they were all having this shitting conference together or something! It's taking them forever to come out!). During that waiting process, everyone was glued to their phone except for these teens. They were very into their topic.
One of them were talking about how she can't wait to be twenty-five. YES, TWENTY-FIVE! What is so great about being twenty-five eh? 
Even when one of them entered the cubicle, the conversation didn't died (it's kind of weird though because I don't speak when I pee).
Anywaysss... the main point of their conversation is that when they reach twenty-five, they somehow foresee that that'll have a steady job with great salary and a perfect family living a mansion (ok this I exaggerate b…

Surat Buat Aryan

Kalau rindu, diamkan sahaja...  Aku tak perlu tahu, aku tak berhak untuk tahu...
Kalau sayang, biarkan sahaja...  Aku tak perlu tahu, aku tak berhak untuk tahu...
Kalau cinta, matikan sahaja...  Aku tak perlu tahu, aku tak berhak untuk tahu...
Tenang... tenang...
Kerana bukan pada kamu kecelaan itu.  Jiwa aku sahaja yang telah lama mati dibunuh percaya...
Kerana bukan pada aku kebahagiaan kamu. Tawa aku sudah lama dicuri kecewa...


I could see myself running into your arms, in my head.
I held back from calling you out until it hurt so bad that I just can't breathe.
How can I be in pain when all I see, standing in front of me is love.
Why does it hurt so much when I just can't stop smiling, looking at you.

Just like the raindrops, again and again I fell hard.
My heart bounced whenever you are around.
I could never tell if it was the scarlet of your lips,
or the way you smiled, but every time I hear you calling my name,
a part of me on the inside, dies.

Japan, I'll Be Back!

Okay... Okay...
I came back from Japan months ago but I somehow can't get over it. Perhaps 1 week was just not enough. I only get to explore Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe-Nara and honestly for some places, I didn't managed to explore it deeply but nonetheless, I was happy with the overall trip. I'm somehow glad that I only got a week to spend in Japan because it made me hungry for more. I can not wait to repeat! YES! As much as I want to explore Tokyo-Hokkaido, I made a promise to myself that I will revisit the Kansai region soon!
Anyways, I crossed most of my bucket-list for the Kansai region and still have a few left yet to be explored but I know, some day... I'll return to Japan!

Growing up, I did watched Japanese drama series as well as anime. Although most Japanese animations are translated into Malay language for local TV stations, I often watch the ones online and solely rely on subtitles hehehe.

Maybe I am mostly known as someone who's into South Korean stars but when …

Price Tag

Okay. Being an adult is not all just fun and adventurous. There are funny dumb moments as well.

Few days ago, I went to a supermarket to restock my toiletries.
Since I decided to change brands for most of my stuffs, I read almost everything labelled on each bottles of beauty products that I can reach on the shelves.

After a great forty-five minutes spent on reading and packaging comparisons, I managed to convince myself to put some products into my trolley.

When all's done, I went to do some grocery shopping. Nothing much, just stocking up some teas, biscuits and then I saw piles of SamYang ramen noodles in various flavours. Cut short, took up three new flavours. NO worries, it's HALAL!!

I kinda get a teeny weeny bit frustrated when people quentioned the halal-ness of what I eat. Oh, dear... I may not be a perfect Muslimah but trust me when I say it's halal.

Okay, yada yada yada... ent of rant now back to the trolley story.

Off I go to the cashier counter. My trolley wasn&…

Under Construction

It's been almost a year this site has been privatised.

I can never shut you down even though hundreds of postings have been reverted back as drafts but I can never find the courage to click "delete page".

I'll be back soon :)