Price Tag

Okay. Being an adult is not all just fun and adventurous. There are funny dumb moments as well.

Few days ago, I went to a supermarket to restock my toiletries.
Since I decided to change brands for most of my stuffs, I read almost everything labelled on each bottles of beauty products that I can reach on the shelves.

After a great forty-five minutes spent on reading and packaging comparisons, I managed to convince myself to put some products into my trolley.

When all's done, I went to do some grocery shopping. Nothing much, just stocking up some teas, biscuits and then I saw piles of SamYang ramen noodles in various flavours. Cut short, took up three new flavours. NO worries, it's HALAL!!

I kinda get a teeny weeny bit frustrated when people quentioned the halal-ness of what I eat. Oh, dear... I may not be a perfect Muslimah but trust me when I say it's halal.

Okay, yada yada yada... ent of rant now back to the trolley story.

Off I go to the cashier counter. My trolley wasn't even half full.

What caught my eyes was how fast did the total amount was rising and finally it shows RM473.60!

*BAAAMMM!!* felt like I won a lottery (just kidding).

Kinda shocked with the total amount but I came prepared, so I paid and put everything in my shopping bags (yes, Selangor is a no-plastic bag state remember?), and off I head back home.

On my way back, I asked my sister to analyse the receipt and check out what was the most expensive thing?

Jeng jeng jenggggg...

My 5-in-1 face cream cost a whopping RM99.00 nett!

Yes, I know Shiseido is no where near La Mer but yeah... remember when I said I read everything on the label? I forgot to read the PRICE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cries*

Had a good laugh with my little sister on our way back. While I was driving, we reminiscence how I always wish that I could buy things without looking at price tags. My sister made me realise that I somehow in a way had my dream came true...

Not exactly like how I dreamt it would be but okay, I'll cross it off my list then...

ps, when you're in your late twenties, anti-aging cream is a need not a want though *sigh*