If Not At Twenty-Five?

So recently I had a chat with a bunch kids while lining up outside the ladies room.

Okay I lied. I wasn't talking to them. I was totally eavesdropping their toilet conversation. Not my fault though! The line was long and people were slow, (seriously as if they were all having this shitting conference together or something! It's taking them forever to come out!). During that waiting process, everyone was glued to their phone except for these teens. They were very into their topic.

One of them were talking about how she can't wait to be twenty-five. YES, TWENTY-FIVE! What is so great about being twenty-five eh? 

Even when one of them entered the cubicle, the conversation didn't died (it's kind of weird though because I don't speak when I pee).

Anywaysss... the main point of their conversation is that when they reach twenty-five, they somehow foresee that that'll have a steady job with great salary and a perfect family living a mansion (ok this I exaggerate because they were literally talking about landed house with garden and all! I mean, let's be realistic, these days landed houses cost a fortune so it's kinda the same value of a mansion especially living in Subang Jaya!).

Cut short, I didn't really hear the rest of their conversation due to the constant flushing and by the time I got into a cubicle, there were all done. Nonetheless, their "fantasy" is very innocent and they reminded me of my friends and I, back in high school.

It's just so common and easy to picture a perfect life at twenty-five. I used to be just like them and look at me now, at twenty-seven, still figuring out what's my purpose in this life HAHAHAHAHAHA~

Okay jokes aside, I love how positive they are. They didn't talk about wanting to get out of some hardship and can't wait to be rich yada yada yada kinda thing but they were into the idea that somehow, they'll make it in life at twenty-five with great balance of work and family.

A dream that lies deep within us all.

I landed my first job five months after graduation. I was twenty-three going on twenty-four at that time, working as a social media manager for TV programs at a renowned local broadcasting station. It lasted almost a year but it wasn't something that I wanted (at that time! Try ask me about that position again maybe in the next five years?). At twenty-four, I left my first job and moved on to another job. Still with the same company but different department, TV production as a production assistant. At twenty-six going on twenty-seven, I am offered to be a scriptwriter and I took the challenge. From a production assistant to a scriptwriter. Wrote my very first show last week and it was indescribable. I was scared, nervous, happy, excited and hopeful.

At twenty-seven (almost, in three months time *laughs*), do I still seek for my "perfect life-fantasy"? Honestly, I still do. I never compromised. I just grew up to understand and accept that sometimes, good things takes time but it will come.

I may not have a house under my name but I'm still living in the house I grew up in (and technically it's sort of mine since it's my parents' *laughs*). I may not earn millions every second but my salary is enough support my daily expenses (despite the ups and downs of the economy). I eat well, I am happy with my job (it's not always a smooth sailing journey but I love what I do), I have time for my family and friends (work-life balance FTW!), I always have something to wear (even though I swear I felt like I have nothing to wear, every single day!), I have a bunch of friends who loves me, I have close-knit cousins who were always there for me, my family is proud of me in whatever I do (they are very supportive!) and what makes me feel blessed the most is that no matter what I am going through, I will always have a bunch of people to share it with. I am never alone.

My life may not be perfect and I may have not achieved as much as the others are achieving at my age (some, even younger!) but what I can say as a twenty-seven year old living the sub-urb of Subang Jaya working in the city of Kuala Lumpur, I am doing okay in life! As snobbish as it may sound but not many people realised they are living the life that others can only dreamed of.

I am not always a positive soul but not too long ago, someone pointed out to me that while I was seeing my glass as half empty, someone is actually seeing my glass as half full. Whenever you're feeling down, remember that what you have today was once a dream of yesterday. Chase your goals and never let anyone dull your sparkle because dreams do come true, in the most unexpected kind of way. Fate is something thrown to you but you can choose your own destiny!

Hopefully those girls do get what they wish for. If not at twenty-five, may they always see their glasses as half full and start praying that they do not get passed thirty then! HAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding!! ^_^