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Almost yours.

As much as a private person I am, I have finally found my soulmate whom I now share all of my deepest darkest secrets with. No worries, he loves me back. *phewww*

Anyways, it's been almost 6 months officially together and although he did told me he foresee a as his wife, he never truly proposed. Growing up, I am deeply heavily influenced by the Hollywood dramatic proposal whereby the guy would bend on his knee and would popped the overhyped line, "will you marry me?" with a diamond ring on his hand which the girl would then dramatically replies, "yes!" with tears in her eyes and they kissed while the cameraman goes around the couple for that dramatic shot!

*krikkk.krikkk* NO! That's not what happened in real life or at least not with mine. I am an Asian. We live by traditions and cultures which are very family oriented. When a guy wants to marry the girl of his life, he must send his family to meet the girls' family and discuss about their marriage. Yes…